Don’t Forget The Sweep Inlet!

Vacusweep CVS Inlet   The sweep inlet quickly became the number one requested central vacuum accessory because it makes cleaning easier. Central vacuum systems are all about convenience for the homeowner. The sweep inlet adds more convenience to any central cleaning system and makes using the vacuum simple for cleaning busy spaces. With the sweep inlet you do not need to fetch the vacuum hose and tools, just grab your broom and sweep into the vacuum inlet.

The Vacusweep inlet is manufactured by Vaculine (a Canplas Company) and features a toe operated inlet opening, and when activated will suction away dirt, debris and dust. The Vacusweep sweep inlet is fast and efficient which makes it great for high traffic areas like the kitchen, mud/utility room and entry areas that get dirty quick with mud, dirt or accidental dry spills like flour or breakfast cereal. The Vacusweep inlet is available in colors to match your rooms decor including White, Almond, Black or Silver (metallic microflake) to match stainless steel appliances in a kitchen.

vsb02The Vacusweep inlet is simple to install into new homes or existing systems. A handy flexible hose SweepLink rough-in kit is available for installations in cabinets and walls which greatly speeds the process in new installs and retro-fits. The Vacusweep inlet is also available with a trim plate that is helpful in those installations with limited mobility like a stud wall.

The Vacusweep sweep inlet has become a standard part of most central vacuum installations, and for a few homeowners the Vacusweep inlets are the only type of inlet installed. The Vacusweep inlet is also very popular in some commercial applications including hair salons and veterinary offices. For homes without a central cleaning system Vacdepot offers a self contained Vacusweep inlet system which can be mounted within a cabinet and powered by a compact vacuum system that stores under the sink. The self contained system is great for retro-fit’s without a central vacuum, RV’s & boat’s, or special application utility cleaning system – contact Vacdepot for more information. The installation and uses of the Vacusweep are nearly unlimited, and the convenience remains unparalleled in modern central vacuum systems.