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Vacuum Motors: Thats Hot!

Bypass Central Vacuum MotorIt is the middle of summer and in south Texas it is hot! The temperature outside does not impact the operation of a homes central vacuum system, but cooling is very important. Cooling has a big impact on how well vacuum motors perform and how long they will last. Two motor designs are used most often in central vacuum systems and the primary difference of them is how they are cooled. The traditional central vacuum motor design is called bypass, and employs two fan systems – one to work and one to cool. The working air bypasses the motor, hence the name, and the cooling fan uses other (cooler) air to keep the motor cool. The other motor system is called thru-flow, which uses one fan system to both work and cool the motor hopefully after the airflow has been filtered. Thru-flow motors use the working air to flow over the motor, hence the name, and carry away the built up heat. There can be other differences between the two designs but cooling is most important.

Bypass motors are always cooling themselves at the same level anytime they are running and are not affected by other parts in the vacuum system, maintenance requirements or the vacuum user. On the other hand a thru-flow motors cooling efficiency is affected by nearly every part of a complete vacuum cleaning system and also by how the vacuum system is used and maintained.  Thru-flow cooling is affected by filter performance, debris particle size, length of PVC tubing, degree & number of elbows in the tube system and the composition, design and length of the vacuum hose, and perhaps most importantly the orifice of the cleaning tool being used. Continue reading

It Has Become Aware.

“The Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth” – [said guy who didn’t like machines]

This is the new user interface on the front of the latest central vacuum. It is beautiful and mesmerizing to look at, and probably more computer power than the first manned mission to the moon. This central vacuum also sucks up dirt, but with such amazing beauty and the incredible manufacturers suggested $1,099.99 price tag you may not want to actually get it dirty.

New central vacuum power units have become aware. Not exactly Cyberdyne aware, but a motion sensor wakes the front lcd panel and led surround lights when someone is near the unit. It is very cool indeed. All of this electronic hardware in your central vacuum power unit does beg the question, does this help clean better or make the vacuum last longer?

In general the added bells and whistles do not help you clean any better or help your vacuum to actually last long, However the lights do provide a very cool motion activated night-light for your garage or basement – can’t beat that for $1100.  Flash and glitz are often a way to hide what’s happening inside the vacuum. Pop the hood on this cylon and what you might find is more hot-mess than supermodel.  A real party monster with an amazing light show – but seriously lacking in the work department.
We see how you roll Cyberdyne…

Introducing ProView Reviews

proviewVacdepot introduces ProView™ professional product information on select items available from the Vacdepot.com website. While every item for order on the Vacdepot website includes an overview description with the basic information needed to make a purchase decision, select items have a full detailed review by our vacuum system experts. If you need to dive deeper into an item the ProView will often provide you with highly detailed information and images that cover areas like manufacturing processes, raw materials used in production, design changes and updates, product and manufacturing history and calibrated measurements on many specific components.

Customer reviews are nice, and there are many places online you can read customer reviews of products. Often times customer reviews are just not enough. Customer written reviews can contain old data on out of production items or improper assumed information. Customer reviews are helpful to many, but often what a customer feels compelled to discuss in a product review is irrelevant to the product or your purchase decision. ProView detailed professional reviews are written by a Vacuum Systems Expert with decades of experience and a wealth of historical knowledge that is brought to the review of each ProView item.

ProView allows you to get the advice and considered opinion of an expert without the sales pitch or buying pressure. ProView also does away with irrelevant information of customer reviews like delivery issues and provides perspective from a expert in the field. ProView™ professional detail reviews are only available on select items available on the Vacdepot website.

Aspria Vacuums New Website

Aspria Central Vacuums WebsiteWith more than a decade of service, Aspria Vacuums have continually innovated new products for the online marketplace. After such a long time at market, and to reflect the new central vacuum only focus, the Aspria brand has made some updates. The new Aspria Vacuums website also hints at the new line of products to come in the near future (check Suction! blog for updates).

Vacdepot’s in-house brand of equipment and components are our highest quality offerings, this will never change. The new look of the brand and the new website, along with the new line of products from Aspria indicate our commitment to keep the brand growing.  Aspria vacuums has narrowed it’s focus but expanded it’s product offerings in built-in vacuum systems.

 “Aspria Vacuums new website  and updated branding will help the company to progress it’s long term plans of world** domination!”             –CEO, Aspria Vacuums

**The term “world” in this statement indicates the select group of continental USA builders, installers and homeowners that purchase their central vacuum equipment and supplies online. Sorry Canada & rest of the world! 

Drop Shipping, It’s a Hold Up!

Drop-Ship RetailerWe were reminded recently of just how unique a company Vacdepot is. While placing a stock order from one of our longtime vendors we were speaking with the companies vice-president of sales and he said Vacdepot is the last online customer of theirs which actually buys inventory to stock. Everyone else is now just drop-shipping their orders. This spurred us to investigate how our competitors take care of their customers.

We found that our vendor was surprisingly correct. The online companies that sell central vacuum systems drop-ship some, most, or all of their products. This was even more surprising when we found one online central vacuum supplier whom promotes a list of the Top 5 Reasons consumers should purchase from their company. At the top of their list is   “#2. Products are in stock in one warehouse.” Yet a quick click over to their sales policy page and you find the actual truth “In most instances orders will be shipped directly by our supplier“.  

Maybe it is more of a wish-list than a practical do-list. Still, despite the truthiness of the claim, this company clearly understands that customers want their order to be taken care of directly by the company they are ordering from. Why else claim this to be the second most important reason to purchase from their company? They know consumers are tired of internet companies that take their money but dump their order on to another company - the real company.

Continue reading