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Shop Smarter at Aspria Systems

5-starIndiscriminate application of opinion in  an area that is perceived as knowledge and fact. No, we are not discussing the current presidential campaign. This is the evolution of online shopping in the United States. Amazon and others have monetized our social nature and put it to work for them in product reviews. What was once cute and funny, reading our family, friends and others peoples opinions on toasters, vacuums or lamp shades, has come around to bite us in the butt.

We are all guilty of doing it, looking at the number of stars a product has acquired in social shopping to help us determine if it is any good. We also look for approval in the volume of reviews, our natural herd mentality that says if lots of other people bought this then I must not be crazy if I also buy it. It is not a bad idea to seek wise counsel in some purchases, Image1particularly those that are not based in common knowledge or require some expertise. If you buy a good central vacuum, and are not a serial “home buyer”, then you might purchase two or maybe three  in your lifetime. This is hardly worth the effort to become an expert in series universal motor systems and airflow dynamics of strip-wound hoses. Likewise if your Amazon,  and operate the largest retail warehouses in the world shipping millions and millions of products, what do you care about the efficiency of a vacuum motors lamination? Well, you shouldn’t and you don’t.

There is nothing wrong with either the buyer or the seller not grasping the deeper facets of central cleaning systems and what makes one better than another. The real issue is that instead of the box-shipping retail giants admitting “we don’t know anything about what is inside this box, but here you go”, they show you hundreds and hundreds of reviews by other people just like you. Just as you are seeking information about a product they were in the same boat. Of course that has all changed because now they have (“supposedly” for my conspiracy theory friends) purchased the item both of you previously knew nothing about.

Can you become an expert by simply owning one item, expertise through osmosis? Most folks do not believe so.  We all own cell phones that are smarter than us, but are we “cell phone experts”? I am not, and I have never met anyone that claimed to be such, but there are lots of people on Amazon who sure seem to be experts in opinion and they all are all different. Can every review be correct if they are all different? We if it were facts then the answer is a resounding NO. But these are not truly a review of the products, they are new owners opinions. Interesting? Yes. Helpful? Meh. Factual? No.

Some etailers have cleverly applied consumer opinion in an area where we all expect facts to be, the products description page where we make our online purchase decision. It may not be “wrong”, but it does have a slight soylent-green tinge to it. A feeling of taking something from people and feeding it back to them to continue the cycle of selling and feeding back. That’s kinda creepy in my opinion.

And how exactly does a person exclaiming “I ordered the wrong item” add to my better understanding of a product? Perhaps more importantly, how is this a 5-star review and is it being combined with other similarly insightful reviews to make the overall product review which we are expected to use (instead of a real description of the product) as part of a purchase decision?

Aspria Systems employees are Central Vacuum experts and CVAC is all we do. We are happy to post our previous clients opinions about Aspria  sales and service (something that all consumers ARE experts in!) but the only “product reviews” on our website are our Professional ProViews. Written by experts in the floorcare industry with decades of service under their ever expanding belt our ProViews will enlighten any reader about the quality and performance of the products we offer with facts supported by science instead of manufacturers sales jargon, a retailers wishful thinking or the well intentioned opinion of our fellow consumer.

The Chiwawa Has Landed

New 2016 Aspria Model
The new Aspria GEN3 line of central vacuum power units will soon be available for order. The new GEN3 model line (code name “Chiwawa”) has several upgrades and changes from the previous revisions and includes new model 8429 DURAGETEC, new HEPA Bagless sub-series FLOMENTUM and our new seven gallon capacity widebody model PROMASSIVE. All of the new units include all of the latest factory updates since GEN2 series. All new models use the commercial extraction Infinity motors from Ametek-Lamb and feature 10/12/15 year electric warranties. Priced from $499. – $799.

One system wide upgrade to all ASPRIA models is the new exclusive Velvacoat finish. This proprietary polyester resin powder coating was developed by Protech-Oxyplast of Belgium and is unlike any finish used on any vacuum system before. The new system wide color is Carbon Reactive, a metallic effect obsidian color for the body and Blade Silver for the underlid with matching graphics. Not only is the new finish more durable and highly resistant to abrasion and wear providing lifelong protection for the all steel vacuum body, it is amazingly beautiful to see and touch.

The new 2016 Aspria Central Vacuum Power Units is available for order directly from the manufacturer online.

Get Control Of Yourself.

If presented with the two above component cards and asked which you would rather have in your laptop as a high speed graphics card for game play you would quickly select the card on the right. This card is clearly outfitted with some advanced technology and would make a much better choice of graphics card.

What if presented with the two same component cards again and asked to select which card you would rather have connected to your kitchen light switch?  When you flip your wall switch for your kitchen lights this component card will turn the lights on or off. In this scenario you instinctively would choose the card on the left. The card on the left has many fewer components and for a simple task and it would be more reliable because there are fewer parts to fail. Both component cards perform the exact same task so the one that does it with fewer parts is more efficient and statistically more reliable. Continue reading

Vacuum Motors: Thats Hot!

Bypass Central Vacuum MotorIt is the middle of summer and in south Texas it is hot! The temperature outside does not impact the operation of a homes central vacuum system, but cooling is very important. Cooling has a big impact on how well vacuum motors perform and how long they will last. Two motor designs are used most often in central vacuum systems and the primary difference of them is how they are cooled. The traditional central vacuum motor design is called bypass, and employs two fan systems – one to work and one to cool. The working air bypasses the motor, hence the name, and the cooling fan uses other (cooler) air to keep the motor cool. The other motor system is called thru-flow, which uses one fan system to both work and cool the motor hopefully after the airflow has been filtered. Thru-flow motors use the working air to flow over the motor, hence the name, and carry away the built up heat. There can be other differences between the two designs but cooling is most important.

Bypass motors are always cooling themselves at the same level anytime they are running and are not affected by other parts in the vacuum system, maintenance requirements or the vacuum user. On the other hand a thru-flow motors cooling efficiency is affected by nearly every part of a complete vacuum cleaning system and also by how the vacuum system is used and maintained.  Thru-flow cooling is affected by filter performance, debris particle size, length of PVC tubing, degree & number of elbows in the tube system and the composition, design and length of the vacuum hose, and perhaps most importantly the orifice of the cleaning tool being used. Continue reading

It Has Become Aware.

“The Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth” – [said guy who didn’t like machines]

This is the new user interface on the front of the latest central vacuum. It is beautiful and mesmerizing to look at, and probably more computer power than the first manned mission to the moon. This central vacuum also sucks up dirt, but with such amazing beauty and the incredible manufacturers suggested $1,099.99 price tag you may not want to actually get it dirty.

New central vacuum power units have become aware. Not exactly Cyberdyne aware, but a motion sensor wakes the front lcd panel and led surround lights when someone is near the unit. It is very cool indeed. All of this electronic hardware in your central vacuum power unit does beg the question, does this help clean better or make the vacuum last longer?

In general the added bells and whistles do not help you clean any better or help your vacuum to actually last long, However the lights do provide a very cool motion activated night-light for your garage or basement – can’t beat that for $1100.  Flash and glitz are often a way to hide what’s happening inside the vacuum. Pop the hood on this cylon and what you might find is more hot-mess than supermodel.  A real party monster with an amazing light show – but seriously lacking in the work department.
We see how you roll Cyberdyne…