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MVAC Now Available in USA

MVAC_USAThe complete line of MVAC Optimum central vacuum power units are now available from Vacdepot. The MVAC models have been the exclusive brand of Les Industries Trovac Ltée in Canada. Trovac manufactures many brands, including others available in Canada and the US. MVAC is produced in Canada since 1982 at the Trovac manufacturing facility and has three series of models including the Optimum Series featuring all metal bodies and high performance motors, the Evolution Series with ABS plastic bodies and high efficiency motors, and the HD Series of commercial central vacuum units with multiple configurations of motor and collection systems. Trovac is the largest central vacuum production facility in Canada and currently sells central vacuums in North America and Europe with distribution points in Quebec Canada, Missouri USA and Treffieux France.

MVAC central vacuums are renowned for their high reliability and innovations. The power units are equipped with leading edge technology that make them high performance, durable and very quiet to operate. Vacdepot is excited to be offering the MVAC Optimum and MVAC HD lines of power unit which provide a very diverse selection of equipment suitable for applications from condo’s and RV’s, larger homes with Hide-A-Hose systems and high volume commercial applications including office buildings, vet clinics, light manufacturing and retail spaces.

MVAC central vacuums have many exciting features including single 120V motor systems with 700 Max Airwatts, high efficiency top-fill dedicated disposable bag power units, Hybrid collection bottom fill units and user selectable series or parallel motor systems in the HD series power units. Remarkable features, solid quality equipment and a highly reliable and trusted company with outstanding support.


Don’t Forget The Sweep Inlet!

Vacusweep CVS Inlet   The sweep inlet quickly became the number one requested central vacuum accessory because it makes cleaning easier. Central vacuum systems are all about convenience for the homeowner. The sweep inlet adds more convenience to any central cleaning system and makes using the vacuum simple for cleaning busy spaces. With the sweep inlet you do not need to fetch the vacuum hose and tools, just grab your broom and sweep into the vacuum inlet.

The Vacusweep inlet is manufactured by Vaculine (a Canplas Company) and features a toe operated inlet opening, and when activated will suction away dirt, debris and dust. The Vacusweep sweep inlet is fast and efficient which makes it great for high traffic areas like the kitchen, mud/utility room and entry areas that get dirty quick with mud, dirt or accidental dry spills like flour or breakfast cereal. The Vacusweep inlet is available in colors to match your rooms decor including White, Almond, Black or Silver (metallic microflake) to match stainless steel appliances in a kitchen.

vsb02The Vacusweep inlet is simple to install into new homes or existing systems. A handy flexible hose SweepLink rough-in kit is available for installations in cabinets and walls which greatly speeds the process in new installs and retro-fits. The Vacusweep inlet is also available with a trim plate that is helpful in those installations with limited mobility like a stud wall.

The Vacusweep sweep inlet has become a standard part of most central vacuum installations, and for a few homeowners the Vacusweep inlets are the only type of inlet installed. The Vacusweep inlet is also very popular in some commercial applications including hair salons and veterinary offices. For homes without a central cleaning system Vacdepot offers a self contained Vacusweep inlet system which can be mounted within a cabinet and powered by a compact vacuum system that stores under the sink. The self contained system is great for retro-fit’s without a central vacuum, RV’s & boat’s, or special application utility cleaning system – contact Vacdepot for more information. The installation and uses of the Vacusweep are nearly unlimited, and the convenience remains unparalleled in modern central vacuum systems.

Vacsoc for Valentine’s Day

With lots of dogs in the house I vacuum often. As with any habitual task, over time a certain repetitive pattern is developed. I walk by the same walls, travel down the same vacsoc01halls, bend around the same table legs, in the same swish of motion over & over again.

I started to notice paint flaking from the wall corners about 3 inches off the floor. Also disturbing was the discoloration on our dark furniture. When pulled around objects, the vacuum hose ridges were settling into the edges of these objects. A slight but significant effort was required to dislodge the hose’s rib divot from these catch points. Eventually, the wood veneer or drywall wore down due to this friction.

It was time to cover our hose with a Vacsoc hose cover. I noticed a difference immediately. No more rub spots, plus less pulling was required to swing the hose around the kitchen island. Funny how something so simple, a quilted cover for your vacuum hose, can free up the hose and your time too.

Vacsoc Hose CoverLuckily, The Vacsoc can be added to almost any central vacuum hose. The padded-zippered Vacsoc is available in blue or grey tone-on-tone colors and installation takes about 3 minutes with an easy to use full length zipper closure. Velcro closures on each end help the vacsoc stay in place on your hose and the full zipper is covered so as not to scratch during use. The padded-zippered vacsoc is easy to remove and wash whenever wanted. A Vacsoc hose cover gives your hose the soft touch for easy handeling. The Vacsoc, saver of time now & later. Lessening future home maintenance, such as repainting, refinishing, what a thoughtful gift!

18 Years Online!

Vacdepot online began in December 1995. The same year Amazon & Ebay were started and a year before Google search was available. The Vacdepot website was inevitable, the result of a computer geek who worked in his fathers vacuum repair shop. The first vacuum we sold online was a “Fantom Cyclone” to a customer in Braintree, MA. Those first days were fun as we worked selling vacuum cleaners to pay for our monthly internet service bill. Vacdepot has expanded our facilities and moved locations five times since those days of working from the back of our vacuum repair shop. Over the years many things have changed including our website, our location and a generation of family in the vacuum business.

One thing has never changed at Vacdepot is our love for this business and our sincere appreciation of our customers and colleagues who helped us over the years. Most of all we thank dad who started in the floorcare business some 40+ years ago to take care of his soon to be large family. Dad drafted his sons to help him repair vacuums and some years later Vacdepot was born. We have greatly enjoyed the last 18 years and look forward to whats next.


Vacuum Your Furnace Filter

Our home and our business are located in South Texas where the cost of cooling can be quite expensive. The summer of 2009 broke all of the heat records since records have been kept with more than 59 days with temperatures over 100 degrees, many of which were 103 or better. With temperatures above 90 degrees until midnight on some days the air conditioning system was working overtime to try and keep up.

furnacefilterA good operating AC system will use refrigerant to lower the temperature of the cooling system and generate a high volume of airflow through the cooling system to keep your home cool. It is important to keep the air flowing through the central cooling system as quickly as possible to maintain a high efficiency of cooling and keep your electric bills low. A clean furnace filter is critical to both maintaining system performance and protecting your AC cooling coil, the radiator like device with small fins made from metal that transfers the cool from refrigerant to the airflow that is used to cool your home. Without a filter your AC coil would quickly become clogged with dust and your systems performance would quickly drop. With a clean filter you are allowing the maximum amount of airflow through the system but protecting the AC coil from damaging dust. A dirty AC intake filter chokes airflow from your system which requires the entire system to run longer in order to provide the same level of cool as a system with a clean filter, this is why a clean filter is so important.

Regardless of what type of filter you use; fiberglass or high efficiency, every filter and AC system will benefit from cleaning with your central vacuum. Use your suction hose with a dusting brush to clean your AC systems furnace filter whenever you vacuum your home. Vacuuming your furnace filter will remove the build up of dirt and dust that impedes airflow through your system and increases your cooling systems run time. Vacuuming your furnace filter will not likely extend the life of your filter though. The small particles that embed themselves into the filter media can not be removed by vacuum without destroying the filter. These embedded particles will still accumulate over time and the filter will need replacement. Vacuuming the filter will however greatly increase it’s airflow efficiency during it’s normal life which will keep your system operating at peak efficiency saving you money in summer and during the winter in a central heating system.

One word of caution: using a portable vacuum to maintain your furnace filters is not recommended. The dust captured by some high efficiency furnace filters can cause problems with portable vacuum cleaners smaller filtration systems. In some cases they may clog your portable vacuums filter quickly which may require a costly filter change in your vacuum. In some portable vacuums the fine dust vacuumed from a furnace filter may pass right through the vacuums bag and filter system and be spewed into the air inside your home. Central vacuum with their high performance suction motors, larger and more efficient filtration systems and of course their outside exhaust venting design offer 100% filtration of all vacuumed particles, including that from furnace filters.