Turbocat Zoom

zoom01The Turbocat turbine powered carpet brush quickly became the industry standard for turbo nozzles when it was brought to market decades ago by HP Vacuflo. The name “Turbo Cat” has even become the generic term that many of us use to reference any turbine powered carpet brush. And like any great idea in floorcare, the Turbocat has its very own low quality knock-off replacement made in China. If you buying a Turbocat and are not sure the company you’re purchasing from is an HP authorized dealer, be sure to ask. Get the TurboCat, not a junky CopyCat.

The Turbocat is an amazing vacuum tool. If your system needs a powered carpet brush to vacuum area rugs and carpeting and you do not or can not use an electric nozzle system the Turbocat can fill the need. For those of us with pets the Turbo powered brush is first on the list of must-have carpet cleaning tools. We believe that every pet owner should have a turbo or electric hand brush for cleaning above-floor (sofas, stairs, car interiors, etc..). And for a growing number of us the Turbocat powered carpet brush for cleaning textile floors with our straight suction vacuum system.

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