MEB160 Mini Electric Brush

In a previous article we discussed vacuum tools that are designed for cleaning areas above the floor including the often hard to clean pet bed. Many tools exist to help clean areas that are too small or too awkward to vacuum with a full sized powered brush. The sofa, mattress, car interiors, stair steps and risers, and of course upholstered pet beds be they soft and fluffy or firm and supportive. Who doesn’t want to pick up the carpet power brush and try running it over the sofa to remove pet hair and lint? Unfortunately the powerbrush is just to big and bulky to clean these small spaces effectively or in some cases it may do more harm than good – particularly on softer fabrics.


For years our favourite tool for cleaning these special spots has been the Wessel-Werk PT160 turbo hand brush. This unique tool gives you the power of a spinning brush roller in the palm of your hand to help brush and sweep clingy debris into the vacuums air stream. It does this work by pulling the incoming airflow over a small turbine (impeller type fan) that drives the spinning brush roller with a cogged belt. You can use the PT160 turbo brush on any vacuum with the standard 1.25” tool connection. Turbo hand nozzles are great, and clean much more quickly and thoroughly than a standard static upholstery nozzle.

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