MEB160 Mini Electric Brush

In a previous article we discussed vacuum tools that are designed for cleaning areas above the floor including the often hard to clean pet bed. Many tools exist to help clean areas that are too small or too awkward to vacuum with a full sized powered brush. The sofa, mattress, car interiors, stair steps and risers, and of course upholstered pet beds be they soft and fluffy or firm and supportive. Who doesn’t want to pick up the carpet power brush and try running it over the sofa to remove pet hair and lint? Unfortunately the powerbrush is just to big and bulky to clean these small spaces effectively or in some cases it may do more harm than good – particularly on softer fabrics.


For years our favourite tool for cleaning these special spots has been the Wessel-Werk PT160 turbo hand brush. This unique tool gives you the power of a spinning brush roller in the palm of your hand to help brush and sweep clingy debris into the vacuums air stream. It does this work by pulling the incoming airflow over a small turbine (impeller type fan) that drives the spinning brush roller with a cogged belt. You can use the PT160 turbo brush on any vacuum with the standard 1.25” tool connection. Turbo hand nozzles are great, and clean much more quickly and thoroughly than a standard static upholstery nozzle.

Turbo hand tools have one drawback that is inherent to the design of these small nozzles. For good cleaning operation the turbo hand tool requires a very good vacuum system that provides very high airflow through the nozzle. Once the nozzle is placed against the surface to clean you are also blocking the airflow that spins the brush. Another issue is the orifice of the nozzle is small in order to increase the velocity of the airflow so large objects or clumps of hair may clog the opening and degrade the performance. Turbo nozzles are great tools for applications where an electric hose is not available or can not be used – like the garage when vacuuming your car interior.

meb01Always progressing vacuum nozzle performance, Wessel-Werk has developed a new hand nozzle: the MEB160 Mini Electric Brush. In this compact above floor nozzle the turbine has been replaced with a powerful electric motor. The MEB 160 can be used with most every central vacuum system and many other vacuum types with a powered hose.

Without demanding airflow requirements or small intake orifice the MEB160 does not slow down with lack of airflow. The brush drive motor is incredibly powerful and the brush spins fast on every type of surface, thick or thin, as the hand nozzle maneuvers in tight spots to beat and sweep the surface clean.

meb2The MEB160’s brush opening features an articulating shoe and the bottom of the nozzle adjust for the angle at which you clean. The hose connection swivels 180 degrees to allow the MEB160 to turn or lay flat when needed. Using a non-slip fiberglass reinforced cogged belt and matching gear wheels on the motor’s drive shaft and brush roller the nominal brush speed of the MEB160 is regulated at 5,000 RPM, equivalent to it’s full size carpet nozzle cousins.

The MEB160’s brush roller is filled with medium density polypropelene bristles that are designed to take the high speed usage of an electric brush. The medium density fill is softer than most powered carpet cleaning nozzles which allows it to be safely used on upholstery of all types, including micro fabrics and natural textiles, without the fear of damage or fuzzing that stiff bristle brushing may cause.

meb03The MEB160 brush roller can easily lift pet hair from stairs, sofas and yes, the pet bed – even those with hard to clean lambs-wool type fabric. The MEB160 was brought to market early this year and since we have been using ours I almost enjoy the above-the-floor cleaning I would sometimes skip. Inside the house we have replaced the turbo hand brush with the MEB160. But the turbo nozzle is not gone for good, it simply moved to the garage where we do not have an electric hose and it still does a great job when vacuuming the car.

The MEB160UC Mini Electric Brush is available in the original Universal Corded version that fits most brands and styles of electric vacuum hose using a standard button lock and 2-pin cord.  The new MEB160QD Quick Release is also now available with the quick-release neck for use with the standard CVS electric hose from Plastiflex, Centec, Hanmi and others with flush connection.  The MEB160 is also included in the new Aspria CVA360U central vacuum attachment kit with the new EBK360 powered carpet brush.