Board To Death

ebk360sc01There are many features in the new Wessel-Werk EBK360 powerbrush to be admired. LED headlight array, sculptured augured brush roller, 5-position step on height adjuster and redundant cooling systems just to name a few. But it is what’s missing in the new EBK360 powerbrush that gets us the most excited about the new design.

Like most other electronic systems these days the powerbrush has gone hi-tech. When the rubber belt was replaced with the geared belt it was technology that became responsible for the upgrade. While rubber belts are slow, underperform and often need replacement due to wear, they did have one great feature – they would break. Breaking the belt does not sound good to most folks, but the alternative would have been much more costly permanent damage of the powerbrush motor. Rubber belts are cheapĀ & easy to replace. Powerbrush motors are neither cheap or easy to replace. 

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