Don’t Forget The Sweep Inlet!

Vacusweep CVS Inlet   The sweep inlet quickly became the number one requested central vacuum accessory because it makes cleaning easier. Central vacuum systems are all about convenience for the homeowner. The sweep inlet adds more convenience to any central cleaning system and makes using the vacuum simple for cleaning busy spaces. With the sweep inlet you do not need to fetch the vacuum hose and tools, just grab your broom and sweep into the vacuum inlet.

The Vacusweep inlet is manufactured by Vaculine (a Canplas Company) and features a toe operated inlet opening, and when activated will suction away dirt, debris and dust. The Vacusweep sweep inlet is fast and efficient which makes it great for high traffic areas like the kitchen, mud/utility room and entry areas that get dirty quick with mud, dirt or accidental dry spills like flour or breakfast cereal. The Vacusweep inlet is available in colors to match your rooms decor including White, Almond, Black or Silver (metallic microflake) to match stainless steel appliances in a kitchen.
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Vacsoc for Valentine’s Day

With lots of dogs in the house I vacuum often. As with any habitual task, over time a certain repetitive pattern is developed. I walk by the same walls, travel down the same vacsoc01halls, bend around the same table legs, in the same swish of motion over & over again.

I started to notice paint flaking from the wall corners about 3 inches off the floor. Also disturbing was the discoloration on our dark furniture. When pulled around objects, the vacuum hose ridges were settling into the edges of these objects. A slight but significant effort was required to dislodge the hose’s rib divot from these catch points. Eventually, the wood veneer or drywall wore down due to this friction.

It was time to cover our hose with a Vacsoc hose cover. I noticed a difference immediately. No more rub spots, plus less pulling was required to swing the hose around the kitchen island. Funny how something so simple, a quilted cover for your vacuum hose, can free up the hose and your time too.

Vacsoc Hose CoverLuckily, The Vacsoc can be added to almost any central vacuum hose. The padded-zippered Vacsoc is available in blue or grey tone-on-tone colors and installation takes about 3 minutes with an easy to use full length zipper closure. Velcro closures on each end help the vacsoc stay in place on your hose and the full zipper is covered so as not to scratch during use. The padded-zippered vacsoc is easy to remove and wash whenever wanted. A Vacsoc hose cover gives your hose the soft touch for easy handeling. The Vacsoc, saver of time now & later. Lessening future home maintenance, such as repainting, refinishing, what a thoughtful gift!

Pet Friendly CVS Floor Nozzle

Vacuuming hard floors covered with randomly scattered mounds of pet hair – good for cardio fitness, hard on your back. Follow along with these familiar steps: vacuum a room, stoop to pull off the hair clogged floor brush, vacuum clumps of hair off the clogged floor brush, twist the floor brush back on the wand. Vacuum the next area and repeat.

This exercise gets tedious fast.

Wessel-Werk RD285 Brushless Floor NozzleI would rather enjoy the vacuuming experience. (We can do aerobics later.) How nice it would be to smoothly glide through rooms, realizing a cleaning task efficiently completed.  The hindrance? The floor tool’s bristles. They clog quickly with oily dog fur, preventing hair and dirt from reaching the vacuum’s air stream and getting sucked up. The answer? Remove the bristles, add some wheels.
The new tool becomes a powerful nozzle sans brushroll. It directly pulls dirt into its opening and away into the vacuum, whether it’s used on hard floors or carpeting. Yes, even on carpets. Although a turbine brush or electric powerbrush nozzle is still recommended to beat embedded dirt out of carpeting, this new tool can easily lift off spots of surface dirt from area rugs. This ability comes in handy. Any fur stuck to the edge of an area rug is quickly sucked up with the same tool, while vacuuming the hard floors.

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D330 Turn & Clean Floor Brush

D330 Floor BrushThe new D330 Turn & Clean hard floor brush is now available on the Vacdepot website. The D330 is the latest invention from Wessel-Werk, the German vacuum cleaner accessory and cleaning tool manufacturer. The Turn & Clean is the first floor brush  with a full 180° swivel & 90° pivot that allows for a nearly unlimited range of motion when cleaning. The D330 cleans both forward/backward, and also side-to-side for unmatched cleaning speed and performance.
Upgrade your cleaning experience, add the D330 Turn & Clean to your vacuum system.


Myraton Integrated Vacuum Wands

Myraton Vacuum WandMyraton Industries has deployed the new Integrated Telescopic Wand, and eliminated the last external cord from wall inlet to floor on Wessel-Werk and Lindhaus quick disconnect enabled powerbrush sets. This sleek new wand is a work of art as much as a technical achievement.  Available in two nozzle connection systems, the MYR67WW for Wessel-Werk nozzles features a spring button lock while the MYR67LH for Lindhaus QDC nozzles uses the pierce lock system.
Myraton has married their proven telescoping design with a new integrated cord system that covers the coiled cable from top to bottom. The new design also includes a much more powerful pivot design hose release system, replacing the thumb-saver tab with an even easier to use button.


Myraton Vacuum Wand
The entire upper wand cord management system has been reshaped into a single part that aligns the cord management device, guides the button lock and holds the new release. Instead of multiple fasteners on the previous model wands the new integrated wand needs only two for the upper collar thanks to the one piece design.
Vacdepot is the only online source to offer all Myraton wand designs in the Inox Class 6700 series which are manufactured from environmentally friendly Stainless Steel. Often referred to as the “Green Steel”, stainless steel is more durable in the vacuum wand design and requires many fewer chemicals in the processing and manufacturer of wands. High quality stainless steel construction offers the strongest wand design available with permanent, life long stain and corrosion resistance. Beautiful brushed finish shows quality workmanship that will not rust, chip, scratch or peel and will remain functional and good looking for years to come.
Myraton is a leading vacuum wand manufacturer and build wands for most every vacuum cleaner manufacturer in the world. Myraton uses high quality tubing and precision shaping techniques to deliver quality and uniformity to exacting standards. Many of Myratons high volume OEM customers have granted Myraton tubes “straight to the production line” status. This advance qualification reflects the confidence in quality Myraton customers have in their products. For over 30 years Myraton has been involved in the design, development, and production of some of the North American floor care industry’s most innovative wand and handle tube solutions. The new Integrated Telescopic Wand design and the recent introduction of the Comfort Seal wand systems are only the latest innovations in three decades of superior service history to Myraton customers around the world.