Comfort Seal Wand

comfortseal01Since vacuum cleaners wands were first conceived the design of a wand was deemed acceptable if it simply performed the job of connecting the hose handle to the cleaning tool. Vacuum system performance has been upgraded and improved upon thousands of times since the first vacuums over 100 years ago.
Unfortunately the vacuum wand’s performance has never been upgraded and the same tired axiom seemed to stick – if it connects the vacuum to the tool the wand is doing it’s job. Finally, in the last decade the vacuum wand received some long overdue attention. It’s design has been streamlined. Connections have been standardized and more recently the wand has become telescopic to adjust to the user and task, yet the wands performance has remained the same since it was first developed.
Comfort Seal is the first universal design that is meant to address both function and performance of the vacuum cleaner wand. As you might expect the advanced Comfort Seal wand design comes not from a vacuum cleaner manufacturer, but from a vacuum cleaner wand manufacturer. Myraton debuted the Comfort Wand design prototype in 2009 at the VDTA trade show and now the wand is available for purchase in the USA.


What makes the Comfort Seal wand perform better than regular vacuum wands? Simply put: they do not leak vacuum suction from the handle connection. This one simple advancement in design can increase the airflow delivered to the vacuum tool up to 20% over traditional wands. The Comfort Seal utilizes a flexible over molded grip to provide an air tight connection to the vacuum hose.

comfortseal02Like all Inox Class 6700 series wands from Myraton the Comfort Seal is telescopic. Expanding to 38½ inches in length, the reach of regular two piece wand sets in one convenient tool. Push button extension and retraction glides to position in one inch increments with a fully collapsed length of 24¾ inches. Durable pierce & pin locking system is reliable with extended life offering years of trouble free service.

Myraton’s MYR6750 Comfort Seal telescopic wand is universal and fits all standard 1.25″ button lock vacuum hoses and friction fit tools. An excellent upgrade for any straight suction vacuum system, and a must have for those using turbo floor nozzles like the Turbocat and Zoom.

MEB160 Mini Electric Brush

In a previous article we discussed vacuum tools that are designed for cleaning areas above the floor including the often hard to clean pet bed. Many tools exist to help clean areas that are too small or too awkward to vacuum with a full sized powered brush. The sofa, mattress, car interiors, stair steps and risers, and of course upholstered pet beds be they soft and fluffy or firm and supportive. Who doesn’t want to pick up the carpet power brush and try running it over the sofa to remove pet hair and lint? Unfortunately the powerbrush is just to big and bulky to clean these small spaces effectively or in some cases it may do more harm than good – particularly on softer fabrics.


For years our favourite tool for cleaning these special spots has been the Wessel-Werk PT160 turbo hand brush. This unique tool gives you the power of a spinning brush roller in the palm of your hand to help brush and sweep clingy debris into the vacuums air stream. It does this work by pulling the incoming airflow over a small turbine (impeller type fan) that drives the spinning brush roller with a cogged belt. You can use the PT160 turbo brush on any vacuum with the standard 1.25” tool connection. Turbo hand nozzles are great, and clean much more quickly and thoroughly than a standard static upholstery nozzle.

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Turbocat Zoom

zoom01The Turbocat turbine powered carpet brush quickly became the industry standard for turbo nozzles when it was brought to market decades ago by HP Vacuflo. The name “Turbo Cat” has even become the generic term that many of us use to reference any turbine powered carpet brush. And like any great idea in floorcare, the Turbocat has its very own low quality knock-off replacement made in China. If you buying a Turbocat and are not sure the company you’re purchasing from is an HP authorized dealer, be sure to ask. Get the TurboCat, not a junky CopyCat.

The Turbocat is an amazing vacuum tool. If your system needs a powered carpet brush to vacuum area rugs and carpeting and you do not or can not use an electric nozzle system the Turbocat can fill the need. For those of us with pets the Turbo powered brush is first on the list of must-have carpet cleaning tools. We believe that every pet owner should have a turbo or electric hand brush for cleaning above-floor (sofas, stairs, car interiors, etc..). And for a growing number of us the Turbocat powered carpet brush for cleaning textile floors with our straight suction vacuum system.

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